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    FILM TUNES: Overture & Little One/Bing Crosby & Louis Armstrong (Capitol, 1956 from 'High Society' see below)
    Lipstick on your Collar/Connie Francis (MGM, 1959)
    Train of Love/Alma Cogan (HMV, 1960)
    Keep away from other Girls/Helen Shapiro (Columbia, 1962)
    Conscience/James Darren (Pye International, 1962 see below)
    Bad to Me/Billy J Kramer & The Dakotas (Parlophone, 1963)
    Shy Girl/Mark Wynter (Pye, 1963)
    Hungry for Love/Johnny Kidd & The Pirates (HMV, 1963)
    I Will/Billy Fury (Decca, 1964)
    TV THEME: Crossroads/Tony Hatch (Pye, 1964)
    Here it comes Again/Fortunes (Decca, 1965)
    Come and stay with Me/Marianne Faithfull (Decca, 1965)
    I love my Dog/Cat Stevens (Deram, 1966)
    Dedicated follower of Fashion/Kinks (Pye, 1966)
    Joanna/Scott Walker (Philips, 1968)
    FIRST RECORD I BOUGHT: Hello, how are You?/Easybeats (UA, 1968)
    Alright Now/Free (Island, 1970)
    Give it Up/Curtis Mayfield (Buddah, 1970 from the LP 'Curtis')
    Lah-di-Dah/Rod McKuen & Petula Clark (Warners, 1971 now on the Zone release 'Rod McKuen Show' see below)
    My days are Numbered/Blood, Sweat & Tears (CBS, 1973)
    Going Nowhere/Neil Sedaka (MGM, 1973)
    Tupelo Honey/Dusty Springfield (Philips, 1973 from the album 'Cameo')
    You make me feel brand New/Stylistics (Avco, 1974)
    So sad the Song/Gladys Knight & The Pips (Buddah, 1976)
    HAVE YOU HEARD THIS ONE Silver threads and golden Needles/Sandy Denny (Island 1977 a 60's hit for the Springfields)
    Up where we Belong/Joe Cocker & Jennifer Warnes (Island, 1983)
    Only one to a Customer/Frank Sinatra and Billy May Orchestra (Reprise, 1986)
    November Night/Cliff Richard (NMC, 2002 from 'Betjeman & Read – Songs')
    Watch over You/Alter Bridge (Universal Republic, 2008 from the CD 'Blackbird')
    Back Again/Animal Bar (new recording see below)
    Out of the World/Full Circle (see below)

    This week in the show we thank the music industry people who are supporting the band Animal Bar and their track in the programme. More about them on our Radio Services Facebook Page....but again we've had a tremendous reaction to this latest play for 'Back Again'. Now,  are you a Gene Pitney fan? He's featured regularly in our main show and of course we have a weekly one-hour programme 'Gene Pitney And Friends' on nine radio stations(six in the UK  - see  details below). A Facebook page has been set up to support the programme, take requests and for information on the artist you won't find published elsewhere. It's a closed group so you need to apply to join The Gene Pitney Show. Please join the group as it will mean we can all then chat about all things Gene!

    During the 1970's, Phil Everly made a couple of solo LP's for Pye Records and they've now found their way onto a two-fer on Morello Records. Really good tracks here, including a (then) new take on an old Everly Brothers hit.

    Between 1959 and 1964 Nina Simone recorded for Colpix Records in the States and now Stateside Records - part of Warner Music Group - issue a double CD of her singles for the label. My favourite track is the stunning 'Solitaire; recorded in 1959. 

    From RPM Records comes the complete recordings by the Paper Dolls. 'Something Here In My Heart' was, of course the big (and only) hit but they turned out some fine tracks over a three year period with Pye. Their album 'Paper Dolls House' - is  included on the CD release. The whole project was co-ordinated by Sam Szczepanski, who always turns out quality releases.

    From Jasmine,  comes a set from Ronnie Carroll (often featured on the show)  and a great Petula Clark collection of French-language recordings for Disques Vogue. We're featuring tracks from both these CD's regularly - this week it's Sam Cooke

    A while back, ZONE RECORDS issued a double CD of a classic Rod McKuen London concert and now there is a second release containing tracks from his BBC-TV series in the early 1970's. The liner notes tell the story behind the TV specials. This is a superb collection...we're playing a track this week.

    I always look forward to the CD compilations from ACE RECORDS and they always bring surprises. Take Jon Savage's 1965 collection for instance.  You have artists you'd expect to see - Marianne Faithfull, Yardbirds, Manfred Mann etc but there are some surprises, like the inclusion of 'I've Got Mine' which missed the charts for the Small Faces - and lesser knows tracks by The Poets, The Seeds & The Sonics. A well thought-out collection. 


    We're always getting enquiries about the 'High Society' soundtrack. There are several versions of this around on CD, but check you get the Capitol Records one and not one of the cheaper offerings where the sound quality is poor.  John in Keswick asks about the James Darren track in this week's show; we've taken this from the 'Best Of...' CD issued years back by Sequel - we're told copies are still available. Enquiries continue to come in, too,  about our current closing theme for the show comes from Full Circle. For more details about this band (and how you can buy the CD) see our RADIO SERVICES page on Facebook.

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    I have been in the media business now for 50 years starting out with local newspapers in Surrey and then Record Mirror and Music Week, part of the Billboard group. I then joined Pye Records/ATV and Stoll-Moss Theatres at the end of the 60’s. In 1971 I moved to BBC Radios 1 & 2 in the early 70’s and then worked for Radio Luxembourg/Atlantic 252 in a management capacity and then ran local commercial stations in Glasgow, London and the Isles of Man and Lewis. My programme is currently broadcast by a mix of FM and internet stations and I am a consultant to the Board of two FM radio stations. In 2002 we had a world exclusive on Frank Sinatra on Isles FM - see or