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    Bye bye Love/Everly Brothers (Carnaby-US, 1957)

    Nearness of You/Ronnie Carroll (Philips, 1958 from the LP 'Lucky Thirteen')

    Suzie Baby/Bobby Vee (Liberty-US, 1959)

    Main Attraction/Pat Boone (London, 1962)

    Ginny come Lately/Brian Hyland (HMV, 1962)

    It only took a Minute/Joe Brown (Piccadilly, 1962)

    Wee small hours of the Morning/Frank Sinatra (Reprise, 1963)

    I will follow Him/Pet Clark (Pye, 1963)

    You never can Tell/Chuck Berry (Chess-US, 1964)

    Concrete and Clay/United 4+2 (Decca, 1965)

    Message Understood/Sandie Shaw (Pye, 1965)

    My Street/Millie (Fontana, 1965) Beverley FM only

    I'm lost without You/Billy Fury (Decca, 1965)

    Sumertime/Billy Stewart (Chess, 1966)

    Dead end Street/Kinks (Pye, 1966)

    I met a Girl/The Shadows (Columbia, 1966 not Beverley FM

    Body and Soul/Kenny Carter (RCA, 1966)

    FILM TUNE: To sir with Love/Lulu (Columbia, 1967)

    Who knows where the time Goes/Judy Collins (Elektra, 1968)

    Mr Businessman/Ray Stevens (Monument-US, 1968)

    Walking/CCS (RAK, 1971)

    If not for You/Olivia Newton-John (Pye International, 1971)

    You'll always be a Friend/Hot Chocolate (RAK, 1972)

    Mary in the Morning/ P J Proby (Ember, 1973) not Beverley FM

    Ghetto Child/Detroit Spinners (Atlantic, 1973) Beverley FM only

    Homely Girl/Chi-Lites (Brunswick, 1974)

    Rock n roll Music/Beach Boys (Brother-US, 1976)

    Love is in the Air/John Paul Young (Ariola, 1978)

    Chain Reaction/Diana Ross (Capitol, 1986)

    Joanna/Cliff Richard (EMI, 1989)

    I drove all Night/Roy Orbison (MCA-Virgin, 1992)

    Lonely with a broken Heart/Chris Isaak (Reprise, 1993 form the CD 'San Francisco Days')

    TV THEME: Wycliffe/Nigel Hess (HTV, 1994)

    Misunderstood/Kieran Doyle (NEW)

    The Searchers are one of the most requested bands from the |Liverpool Beat Era on the show. Below you will find all their 60s Pye albums collected in original sleeve artwork - plus all the hit singles. Great value boxed set. 

    Ace Records have an interesting album with Scott Walker presenting Jacques Brel songs alongside the originals  sung by the composer. You will find classics here such as 'If You Go Away' and 'Jackie'.

    From Zone Records comes a DVD from the 60's LIVERPOOL SOUND. It features Gerry and the Pacemakers, Brian Poole and the Tremeloes, Dusty Springfield and Gene Pitney - a classic TV show. More about the DVD at 

    Jasmine Records have a Maureen Evans collection featuring her discs for the Woolworth Embassy label and Oriole. And there is also a new release of Roy Orbison early singles containing tracks from his Sun, RCA and Monument days. 


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    I have been in the media business now for more than 50 years starting out with local newspapers in Surrey and then Record Mirror and Music Week, part of the Billboard group. I then joined Pye Records/ATV and Stoll-Moss Theatres at the end of the 60’s. In 1971 I moved to BBC Radios 1 & 2 in the early 70’s and then worked for Radio Luxembourg/Atlantic 252 in a management capacity and then ran local commercial stations in Glasgow, London and the Isles of Man and Lewis. My programme is currently broadcast by a mix of FM and internet stations and I am now Chairman of Isles FM and a Board consultant to another. In 2002 we had a world exclusive on Frank Sinatra on Isles FM - see